Looking back on Bath – with Geoff Ellis

© Rob Coles

The Dorothy House charity bookshop in Broad Street was pretty packed last night with people who had come to hear one of the Bath Festival guest authors discuss his new book.

This one was put together by photographer Geoff Ellis – a man with a strong Bath connection – as it’s where his professional career began.

Geoff eventually moved on from the Bath Chronicle to Fleet Street but it’s his pictures and anecdotes of life as a young press photographer in the Bath of the 1950s and 60s that interested them and me.

© Rob Coles

I went along a little earlier to have a chat before his audience arrived. Those of a sensitive nature should be forewarned of the odd little shaking of the ‘swear jar’ before – hopefully – enjoying a trip into our city’s past.

The book can be purchased from the Dorothy House bookshop in Broad Street, Bath.