Nowhere to sit? Read on!

The new children’s play area in Sydney Gardens is ‘fantastic’ says Davina Ware but she has one important suggestion to make.

She writes: “After reading your previous posts about the new Sydney Gardens kids play area I went along with my daughter and granddaughter made our first visit and it is fantastic. A wonderful and imaginative job has been done. There were so many children enjoying the space. 

However, I have one suggestion to make. 

My husband came along too and he has Parkinson’s…and we were disappointed to find no seats have been installed. Able-bodied family and children can sit on the grass and rocks (if not wet), but where are stiff-jointed grandparents or disabled persons to sit? 

When children go into play parks it’s usually for some considerable time, as it was with our granddaughter yesterday. I’m afraid my husband and I had to leave after a short while because he couldn’t stand for long and the rocks were all too low for him to sit on and he’d never get back up if he had sat on one. 

So installing benches or seats is much needed. “

You make a good point Davina and l have some good news for you.

I approached Keith Rowe who is the B&NES Team Manager for Parks and Green Spaces. He told me: “Benches are on order but weren’t available in time for the opening of the play area. We’ll be installing new benches in both the play area and wider gardens, hopefully in the next month.”

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