What’s in a name

Look what Davina Ware rediscovered on her bookshelves and, within it, an entry for the – presumably unnamed – Cleveland Bridge.

Thanks for sharing!


  1. Fascinating. But perhaps the ‘comparative cheapness’ of iron has not proved to be such good ‘value for money’ in the long term! But how could they have known? Any more than we know that the technology being applied today can save it for the future.

  2. So what you’re saying is that if we used modern steel we could tear down the currently failing, potentially un-repairable, bridge and replace it with something like this restoring the original look but much stronger?

    1. I’m no civil engineer but my thinking is very much along the lines of the Churchill/Old Bridge replacement scheme. One hopes that the ‘new’ structure will last as long (or longer) than its – architecturally more pleasing – predecessor but the Churchill Bridge has only been there for about 60 years, whilst the Old Bridge stood for some 200 years. Only time will tell (and I certainly won’t be around to witness it!).


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