Rebecca behind bars – awaiting repairs.

Once upon a time she ‘faced off’ the High Street pubs and their ‘demon drink’ – having been erected by Bath Temperance Society in the 1860’s.

These days the Rebecca at the Well fountain – with her ‘Water is Best’ slogan – could be said to be doing her bit to promote the city’s world-famous thermal springs.

The Bible-themed marble statue and basin is a familiar sight and popular meeting point beside the Abbey.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that it looked as though someone was trying to dislodge the ‘well’ from its pedestal, with a bit of a gap opening up.

Today it’s all fenced off with warning signs that the structure is dangerous.

A spokesperson from B&NES told me : ‘The structure has been fenced off to protect it from further damage and will be repaired as soon as possible by a specialist conservation company.’