Thank you Bath Abbey, for flying the flag.

I was delighted to see Bath Abbey proudly flying the colours of Ukraine from its flagpole today.

I know they have lit up the tower – nightly – in blue and yellow, but this is a show of support that can be seen by people going about their business during the day.

I also ran into a lady called Helen Moss wearing a lapel support ‘badge’ apparently being manufactured by the WI in Middleton-on-Sea!

While on the subject of flags, the Mayor of Bath, Cllr June Player popped over to Parade Gardens to join up with members of the Bath-Braunschweig Twinning Association who are celebrating the 51st anniversary of the two European cities coming together.

Hope you can see the German flag flying behind them!

It was an official get-together to re-dedicate the Braunschweig Garden border laid out beside a tree planted many years ago by a Lord Mayor of Braunschweig in Germany – which we know as Brunswick of course.

It remains to be seen if Bath is going to be granted the title of Lord Mayor in time for the next transition of mayoral office at the end of May. The government has to choose from a list of applicants – including this city!