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Podcasts are followed by millions of people nowadays worldwide, but l want to draw your attention to one with connections to a part of Bath l love very much.

Dan Merrett is manager of Bathscape – a local authority organisation dedicated to preserving Bath’s wonderful green surrounds and encouraging people to get out and enjoy them. There are twelve partners – including the National Trust – dedicated to promoting this amazing landscape.

He writes:

“I know the Swainswick Valley area is well known to you (the pictures you post from the area are great), so I thought you might be interested in our latest Bathscape footprints podcast which was uploaded at the weekend https://footprints.captivate.fm/episode/105-years-at-manor-farm-langridge

This second series of podcasts covers a range of themes related to the landscape around the city and the latest episode is all about farming and one particular farm – Manor Farm, Langridge and its history over the past 100 years, talking to 4 generations of people connected to the farm.

Hopefully, it’s something your readers will enjoy.”

Thanks Dan – very nice too.

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  1. Richard – having seen your picture of the Hot Bath Street colonnades painted on one side of the street, my first question is ‘Where were the planners or the design police who work on legislation regarding visible as alterations to listed buildings? ‘ Those of us with listed Grade 2 houses know how assiduous they are if we want to paint a door or a window frame, yet this paint job right in the centre, and very near the heritage brass plaque, has evidently escaped their notice.

    Ellie Farrar

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