Latest on playground opening

Wow – you guys are certainly taking an interest in when the new playground in Sydney Gardens is going to open. The Bath Newseum website is buzzing.

As l said, there is an official opening – featuring youngsters from Bathwick St Mary’s Primary School – on Monday morning.

The play area will then be open to the general public from Monday afternoon onwards.

The complex will have to close again in the first week of June – so they’re keeping the Heras fencing up – in order to paint the basketball court, tennis courts, and do the final path surfacing.

The Lower Tennis Courts will remain closed until they have been painted.

Few more observations around town. The newly-repaired Laura Place fountain is being switched on early this coming month. I hope someone removes the wreath of dead flowers from around its upper globe before they do.

Lots of you agreeing they should put some sort of bollard protection around the old girl to help prevent the basin being knocked again by errant vehicles.

Elsewhere they have been busy painting the colonnade columns in Bath Street which dates from 1791. Trouble is they are only painting the ones on the Primark side and it throws the whole effect out of kilter.

I must point out these columns are being re-painted but it’s a shame there is no balance in a street designed by Thomas Baldwin to provide shelter for sedan chairs carrying bathers to and from the spa waters.

We all know the ‘high street’ is changing and in Bath there is plenty of evidence to suggest people are moving back into the city centre as floors above shops are converted into flats.

With more people comes the need for more food outlets l suppose. We still seem to justify supermarkets opening near other supermarkets as giving people ‘choice’ – an argument l don’t subscribe to.

Anyway down near the bus station it looks as if Morrisons are moving in and further up – in property vacated by HMV, who have moved up into Milsom Street, there’s talk of Tesco taking over the floor space.

Finally, who has been trying to carry off the basin from the Rebecca at the Well fountain by Bath Abbey?

Close inspection reveals a gap where there shouldn’t be one?

Is this another job for B&NES?