All our yesterdays

A shout out now for people who may remember events at the old Widcombe Social Club.

Helen Peters is drawing my attention to a request to find people with special memories to help with their celebrations of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

She writes: ‘The problem is that many older people won’t be online, so word of mouth to older neighbours, etc would be good.’

Here’s the full information:

We realise that the old Widcombe Social Club was very dear to the hearts of many people in Bath and in order to mark the Queens Platinum Jubilee we would really like to celebrate and remember all the people that attended the club and the events and family occasions that happened there. Especially anything connected with past jubilees, weddings, engagements, darts and skittle victories or meeting your own true love.

We would love to hear from you about your memories and recollections and especially if you have any photographs or other memorabilia that portray the importance of the club in the community and the people that went there. This will form a significant record of how WSC came to be the prominent place that it is today. Please do get in touch with us if you have some experiences to share with us via

A huge variety of activities happen at WSC now including regular classes, meetings and conferences, family celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, music and comedy gigs, DJ dance nights, wakes, and a wide range of talks and meetings from the arts to cycling, gardening and much much more.

We are raising our profile in the city and are looking to name our building so that it can be located more easily by our visitors. We are also looking to reshaping our governance to reflect our current work, our cooperative approach and the responsibilities of being both an employer and a licensed premises as well as an organisation of community interest.

 If potential contributors are not online, they can post their memories to Nella Stokes or Anni Marjoram at Widcombe Social Club, Widcombe Hill, BA2 6AA