Lost for words!

It’s not often l am rendered speechless – but l was this morning!

I thought l was meeting Tom Sheppard for a coffee and a chat at Rosario’s, which is my favourite ‘watering place’, but there was an unexpected additional surprise in store for me.

Tom has quite a few professional titles to his name – including being an executive partner in Thrings Solicitors and chair of Bath Preservation Trust – but, this weekend, he completes his year of office as Her Majesty the Queen’s High Sheriff of Somerset. Something l know he has very much enjoyed.

It was in that role that he produced a framed certificate, from his bag, which he duly presented to me!

I am one of less than twenty other people to receive the High Sheriff’s Award for Services to the Community. Something, he told me, l had earned through my work over the years with the Bath Newseum.

He told me he also makes the award on behalf of the residents and people of Somerset – so here’s one Somerset boy feeling very proud. I am humbled.

I would have smiled a bit more, but l still have a gap in my teeth l am a bit self-conscious about!!


  1. As a quiet reader of your excellent posts can I confirm that this is very well deserved indeed..! Best regards Steve K

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  2. Congratulations Richard — I agree with Thomas — well deserved ! I think you do a great service to our community — keep going ! All good wishes Marian

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    This is fantastic news Richard and richly deserved! Well doneStephenSent using the mobi

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