Should Bath twin with Ukrainian city?

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Bath Newseum regular Roger Houghton gives us something to think about.

I realise it’ll only be symbolic but should Bath consider twinning with a Ukrainian city, such as the city of Lviv with its World Heritage-designated centre?

Well Roger, seems your idea could well be taken up. Council leader, Cllr Kevin Guy has responded.

“The council has been inundated with offers of accommodation for Ukrainian refugees and I am so very proud of the amazing generosity of the people of Bath & North East Somerset. 

I have written to the Secretary of State again telling her Bath stands ready and sharing my personal frustration with the government’s overly bureaucratic visa system, which has left desperate families at our borders. 

Yesterdays shelling close to Poland’s border is bringing the war ever closer to NATO’s border. As an ex-member of the military, I feel there are many more dark days to come before peace returns to Europe.

However, I am discussing with cabinet and council members the possibility of reaching out the hand of friendship to the city of Lviv, a fellow World Heritage centre city. I am looking at a fast-track twinning option for our two historic cities. This is a small offer but one which hopefully solidifies our unwavering friendship with the people of Ukraine.”