Travelling in style

Bath Newseum regular Robert Coles is a photographer of note. He also likes taking pictures of anything mechanical that runs on rails – steam, diesel or electric!

I am sure there are many who share his enthusiasm and will enjoy seeing the pictures he has sent me.

He tells me:

“On Wednesday, 9th March, two Pullman trains arrived in Bath at lunchtime within minutes of one another.

The Belmond British Pullman made its first trip of the year to the City, from London Victoria,  it was quickly followed by the Northern Belle – also from Victoria – with a private charter. 

The Belmond ran through to Bristol, while the Northern  Belle waited for a time in Bath Goods loop before also proceeding to Bristol. 

It returned to Bath via Chippenham where it reversed to return to Bath to take the passengers to Manchester where it arrived at 22.15 just two minutes late.  By coincidence, the train back to London was also two minutes late!

I have also included a pic of some graffiti on a house by the railway in Oldfield that might amuse.   Do BANES have a loyal fan or their own graffiti artist?”

Thanks Robert. For those who don’t know these are Britain’s most luxurious trains run by Belmond – a company that also owns the Orient Express as well as luxury hotels and safari lodges around the world.

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