It’s over

[At least the view from the dental surgery waiting room window was calming]

Not the most pleasant morning l have spent in the dentist’s chair but l have to say a big thank you to dental surgeon Dr Mark Vardon for ensuring the worst bit of my implant was both painless and proficient. And to Senior Dental Nurse Helen for ‘holding my hand.’

I won’t go into too much detail – about my two hours in the care of the Pulteney Dental Practice – in case anyone reading this is awaiting a similar treatment. However, l am sure l counted around a dozen injections and know l have four stitches to come out in a fortnight.

Anyway, the worst is over and it was so nice being stopped by several people wishing me luck on my way to the surgery. Just shows that people do read my Bath Newseum stories.

Enough about me – let’s talk about Network Rail and that listed Brunel-designed balustrade running alongside the London rail line through Sydney Gardens.

Work starts next week on underpinning it and raising things so the barrier complies with modern-day safety regulations. It has to be said that today’s engines travel a lot faster than Isambard’s steam-driven locomotives.

I hear – following my criticism of B&NES for not flying a Ukrainian flag on the Guildhall – that someone popped into the Guildhall Market to ask if there were any available for sale. Too late – they have all gone!

Hope many of you can support the gathering in support of the Ukraine alongside the Abbey tomorrow morning from 10 am.

Guest speakers: MP Wera Hobhouse, Dr Stephen Hall (Russian politics lecturer at the University of Bath), Ivan Golobow (Russian studies lecturer at the University of Bath), various Ukrainian and Russian students at the University of Bath. 

Date: Saturday 5th March 2022 

Time: 10:00 – 12:00/12:30. 

I am told the priorities of this event is to show support for Ukraine and condemn Putin’s actions; educate the public of Bath about the background and context of the war as well as what they can do to help.

There will be information about charities in Ukraine and Ukrainian culture will be celebrated with music.

This is a peaceful demonstration, no aggression or discrimination against the Russian people will be tolerated.