Pic of the day. Tuesday, March 1st

I have decided that not every image l choose for a ‘pic of the day’ has to be beautiful.

This is the roundabout at the crossing of the A46 and the A420 – leading out of Bath towards the motorway.

It is seen by many of our visitors arriving by car or coach and – as a sort of ‘gateway’ to the city – is a missed opportunity for saying welcome in some more positive and attractive way.

Here’s a roundabout at Locking Castle in my hometown of Weston-super-Mare – architecturally created to give a nod to the area’s past and also covered in daffodils to present a blaze of spring colour. Fitting for St David’s Day!

Taken from our car

Could we not take at least the floral element of that example to enliven the roundabout at the Marshfield/Wick turnings?

Surely some local concern would sponsor?

Better than the ads currently on it for HGV drivers needed!?

Lots of you pointing out that this roundabout lies in South Gloucestershire territory and they may not be too pleased to put in the labour to promote Bath.

Well l think a bed of daffodils and tulips would benefit both authorities and certainly cheer this junction up!


  1. Problem is that roundabout isn’t in B&NES is it, I don’t think Richard? So whilst I agree with you it’s unattractive, it won’t be within B&NES remit to do anything about it. and it’s probably quite complicated to get South Glos council to work on it and do the ongoing maintenance with B&NES paying for it. (And I’m sure it won’t be a priority for South Glos!)

  2. This roundabout is something of an accident blackspot and traffic approaches it at 40 mph (officially!) So it couldn’t have anything too tall or distracting.

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