Direct action

The Sinking House installation at Pulteney Weir was an effective message to send to the COP 26 conference in Scotland last year but – while the ‘house’ was taken out the river, another explanatory notice lingered on. Attached to one of the lamp-posts on Grand Parade.

Not anymore though – as you can see.

Sharron von Tutschek writes:

Finally, I got around to removing the offending signage left over from the sinking house installation. My memory tells me that this sign has been attached to the stone pillars since October 2021. 

The organisers should be ashamed of themselves for not taking away their signage and for leaving a beautiful part of Bath looking ugly and unkempt.

While we’re on the subject of street litter – do you think B&NES could send out someone with strong wire cutters to get rid of those padlocks. There’s more in Sydney Gardens too.

Your tokens of love are better expressed in less invasive and street-littering ways.

Do we really want to end up with something like this? Not the best way of showing you love Paris!!