One big doughnut!

[Library shot – not me!]

While l can’t say being popped in and out of the CT scanning ‘doughnut’ – while a needle is carefully pushed into my neck – is my ideal way of spending a Thursday afternoon.

However, l have to marvel at the skill of my radiologist ‘Dr Ben’ and appreciate the fact l am no way near the first to undergo this procedure – aimed at relieving the pain from wear and tear over the years. A lifetime spent huddled over keyboards – both typewriter and computer. I am THAT old!

To all of you who made contact to offer your support – thank you – and l know some of you have far worse conditions than me.

I have a ‘pain diary’ now to complete before l see my specialist again. I am told not to expect too much of an improvement before next week. I will let you know.

Ralph’s holiday Marmite

Meanwhile, on the subject of Marmite – Ralph Oswick tells me he always takes a jar on holiday as the toast in his usual hotel is bland.

“When I had to cancel due to back pain, my friends came knocking the day before departure. I thought they were there to commiserate. But it was ‘Can we take your Marmite?”