Marmite and me

Hit the Marmite jar this morning. Had a craving all weekend to spread it over hot toast and on top of melted butter.

Are the B vitamins it contains helpful for SAD? Seasonal affective disorder? I know vitamin D is supposed to help but l am following what the body ( and mind) seems to be craving.

Yesterday was one grey day too many and proof – though l like the cold – that l could never spend a winter anywhere where daylight hours are so short it’s hardly worth getting up!

One pick-me-up on yesterday’s early morning walk was the dawn chorus. Seems a bit early in the year but this robin was making his presence well and truly known.

Later in Sydney Gardens l saw a man installing the ‘After Life’ bench. A popular Netflix series -starring Ricky Gervais – which the company has commemorated by donating park benches around the country.

It’s being placed on the left-hand side of the Sydney Gardens entrance to the Holburne Museum.

Just back from a weekend in Edinburgh where l quickly realised the city’s New Town featured Georgian architecture – including a Circus – on a much bigger scale than Bath.

Impressive stuff for a 26-year-old architect, called James Craig, to come up with but built with darker sandstone and not Bath stone – so no yellow glow under a blue sky.

Also, nice to spot an Antony Gormley figure in the Water of Leith!

Back home in Bath and more evidence of the work underway to create a new surface along the length of York Street where the arrival of Toppings independent bookshop and the forthcoming World Heritage Centre will see increased footfall this year.

Looks like the HMV shop is on the move from Union Sreet and appears to be taking over the old Baby Gap shop at the top of Milsom Street.

Finally, the new hotel in West Street, is really taking shape.

Looks like they are well into the fitting-out part of launching the Hampton by Hilton. On the Hampton website, it is taking bookings for March this year.

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  1. Couldn’t start the day (any day) without a slice of hot-buttered sour-dough, Marmite on one half, marmalade on the other! Share your admiration for the Georgian architecture of Edinburgh, and love the contrast between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ towns.

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