Going, going, and gone!

The old road surface in York Street is being replaced with a more user-friendly and waterproof surface.

Rainwater has been seeping through into an underground area packed with archaeology near the Roman Baths.

Meanwhile, after 21 years, it’s farewell to Orvis on the approach to Pulteney Bridge.

The company is, apparently, pulling out of outdoor clothing and just doing fishing tackle at one UK store and online.

And gone! The tented part of the cafe at the Holburne Museum has come down.

I realise it’s necessary during the worst of winter but it looks a nicer space without it.

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  1. Orvis is actually ON Pulteney Bridge is it not ?

    Lovely photographs you regularly include. The last Pic of the Day on the K and A was spectacular and just a little further on is where I live.

    Kind regards Audrey

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