Pic of the day. Tuesday, January 11th.

Today’s image comes courtesy of artist and curator Sandra Higgins who writes:

I am so enjoying the inspiration I get from the daily photos you publish via Bath Newseum, thank you.
Your images bring to mind the view of Englishcombe from my window (see image attached), which inspired an art project and virtual exhibition I would like to share with you, called Shades of Green, as I think you might enjoy it too : https://td360.co.uk/SOG-Somerset/
Shades of Green is a personal art project I have been working on since the beginning of the first lockdown in the UK, inspired by the Somerset landscape surrounding Englishcombe, near Bath, where I live.
I gathered together a specially selected group of artists, intentionally diverse in their practices, and asked each to respond to the same landscape view through their own personal reaction after visiting the location.⁠ The artists range from abstract to figurative, surreal and pop, thus the exhibition is as much a study of their individual artistic relationship with nature as the depiction of it through the works they have created. ⁠
I created a tithe barn as the gallery setting to keep the countryside feel for the virtual exhibition, and we are in talks with Tony Smith at the RUH for a physical exhibition there in the Spring (details yet TBC).

Thanks to its wonderful setting, the RUH show will involve some tree-hugging sessions to help patients and visitors connect with nature, and hopefully some talks too.
Alongside the Shades of Green artworks, I launched a tree-hugging challenge and have over 150 photos of friends and colleagues hugging their favourite trees from all over the world and could share these with you if you are interested!
I hope you feel the Shades of Green exhibition enables you and others to engage with this beautiful landscape I have had the privilege to live in for the last three years.’