Don’t get caught out

I have to admit it’s a long time since l looked at my copy of the Highway Code and agree with Alex Robertson from Bathampton that the new traffic laws that come into force shortly have not received much in the way of publicity.

He said he came across them quite by accident and they do represent quite a significant change in priorities. They include stricter rules on mobile phone use and the responsibility of a car driver to be aware of cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders.

Here’s a link to a table that lists changes to the Highway Code which come into force at the end of the month

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  1. Thankyou for that extremely interesting and valuable information. Having read it thoroughly, I am amazed how different it is to the previous version of the Highway Code. There are a great number of ‘MUST’s that now apply to ALL road users that I was unaware of. I believe there needs to be a nation-wide public information campaign about these changes, because many road users will remain unaware of them and thus present a hazard to both themselves and others.

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