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There’s a certain irony in that, while many in the region are fighting for government help to protect and even extend our public transport services, there’s news of a competition to come up with a local bus brand for what services we have.

The West of England is out to get its own transport logo – to be used across buses, trains, e-scooters and other public transport – and Metro Mayor Dan Norris is seeking Bath residents’ artistic talent to help design it.

“Everyone knows the iconic ’roundel’ design that appears right across the London transport network. Now I’m calling on local people to create our very own unique logo”, said the Metro Mayor. “I’m looking for something really special. A logo that is memorable and easily recognisable, that shows the pride we have in our great region and promotes sustainable forms of transport.”

The competition is open to all residents from across the West of England Metro Mayor area from budding artistic amateurs to seasoned graphic designers. The winning entry will be finalised be professional designers.
The rules are simple. The logo should feature the words “West of England Sustainable Transport”, it should work in colour or black and white, and you must live or work in the West of England Metro Mayor region to take part.

The competition runs from Wednesday 5th January to Friday 12th February. The aim is for the logo to start appearing on the West of England region’s public transport in 2022.

Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “It’s a new year, and we’re looking for a new logo for West of England Sustainable Transport. I’m determined to transform our region’s transport system making it easier for people to get from A to B and to help us reach our stretching net-zero targets.  

“As we begin this journey I want people right across the West of England to be at the heart of our ambitious plans. There is so much talent across our amazing region and so much innovation, history and culture to be inspired by. I’m excited to see what I know will be some brilliant local designs.”

Full details of the West of England Sustainable Transport logo competition can be found at: which goes live today.

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  1. A logo incorporating a Centurion’s helmet, or a bonnet from the Jane Austen period. Thos are the images that first come to mind when thinking of Bath.

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