Good news and bad.

Great to see some sunshine and blue skies this chilly, early-January day.

Bumped into members of the Parks Department – armed with trays of young forget-me-nots and heading for a planting session in Parade Gardens.

Sad though to see that the French chocolate shop – Maison Georges Larnicol – has decided to close its Bath store with now no on-line service available in the UK.

There is no reason for their closure on their Facebook page but a lot of people will be sorry to see them go.

One thing l won’t be sad to see go is a leftover sign from the ‘sinking house’ COP 26 installation that was attracting positive attention at Pulteney Weir during the international climate conference held in Scotland. Got to keep the city tidy!


  1. This City is certainly NOT tidy. Notices on post on corner of Pierrepont St and North Parade road askew and all different. Circus posters all around the city never taken down. Most streets no longer swept. Where does all the ratepayers’ money go?

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Michele Lysiane Gross’s comment….that Bath City is certainly not tidy. Question:- If I take take scissors/pliers and remove this Sinking House Cop 26 signage, am I in breach of any laws? If I am happy to pick up litter dropped by thoughtless people, then surely removing old posters left by thoughtless people falls in to the same category?

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