Knowing their ropes

(Nick is in the foreground and Josh is next but one!)

Maybe we take the sound of ringing bells at Bath Abbey for granted but those amazing instruments of sound don’t ring themselves.

All credit to the people who climb into the bell tower and take hold of those ropes. They are actually known as members of the Bath Branch Towers who are often out and about ringing quarters in other church towers too.

A great honour was shared recently by two local ringers. Josh Jones from the Abbey and Nick Field from Twerton were privileged to ring at St Paul’s Cathedral on the 30th November when they were invited by the St Paul’s Ringing Master to join the band ringing to mark the UN climate change conference (Cop 26).

Nick is no stranger to the London ringing scene his home tower was Harrow On the Hill until he came to Bath to attend university and subsequently settled here when he commenced his teaching career.

Josh was a leading light in the North Wales ringing scene. His home tower was St Peter Carnarvon until he moved to Bath.

Well done both of you.