1. Dear Richard, I have been a subscriber of yours since moving to Bath over a year ago and have enjoyed your pieces through the year. Because my family and I are new to the area, we have not seen the Bath Christmas market in its heyday. Over the weekend, we had friends from a London come down to stay and we went out to the Abbey to enjoy its festivities. While you have the past to compare with, we did not and found the mini-Christmas Market to be just right for us. There were enough visitors around this weekend to make it feel like the Yuletide holidays are coming soon. In the midst of the ongoing global pandemic, I appreciated the efforts the Council and specifically these traders in setting up something for the community and visitors.  Call me an optimist, but I rather enjoyed this mini-market. Thanks again for doing what you do for the local community. Keep up the good work! Best wishes,Anne

  2. I too enjoyed seeing the Council’s Christmas Market last night and speaking as a long term resident of Bath, I thought it was a much better experience. I was able to walk around and actually get near all the stalls which were really enticing and together with the new Christmas lights and a musician playing while people enjoyed the food and hot drinks, it was a really lovely experience.

  3. Who is being ‘half-hearted’? The discerning shopper i.e. the one who buys what they need, or the ‘magpie’ shopper i.e. the one for whom shopping is recreation and who doesn’t mind filling landfill sites with their discarded whimsies? I’m pleased not to have to endure the Christmas coachloads descending on ‘Shedland’ elbowing their way from shed to shed. The Bath Market ceased to herald the Christmas Festive Season some years ago, degenerating into a Shedfest for insatiable shopaholics. In a way that’s fortunate, as it’s now Deadly Virus season and no-one wants to confuse COVID with Christmas. And no, Bah Humbug is not an appropriate response to Omicron and Delta, nor Climate Change for that matter.

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