Magic under the moon.

I have to own up and say it was me who disturbed the otherwise electric atmosphere created in Bath Abbey last night where the Abbey Girls and Lay-clerks gathered to sing music written for the Russian Orthodox liturgy by Sergei Rachmaninov.

Today l am laid low with a cold – and apologize if l have spread that further – though l did muffle the viral explosions in a tissue on both occasions.

I have to agree with the pre-event blurb – that this ‘All Night Vigil” masterpiece by Rachmaninov – written entirely for unaccompanied chorus and sung in Church Slavonic – was recreated beautifully by the choir who were gathered under artist Luke Jerram’s equally mesmerizing Museum of the Moon installation.

Church acoustics are good but l wondered if the low-slung lunar inflated globe wasn’t helping push those spiritual sound waves our way too.

Well done director Huw Williams for adding another star to the Abbey choir’s musical achievements.

Moonshine will continue to glow in the church’s interior until Christmas Eve.

Three things, before l crawl back to my bed. Loved the underfloor heating. Not so keen on the hard-seated wooden chairs, and why can’t people arrive before musical events are due to start?

It said 8 pm on the tickets, the choir had come out and assembled, and still we had to wait for late-comers – ten minutes after the official start time. It’s just plain rude folks.