Widcombe ‘tidy-up’ comes in WAVE’s

It’s great to see so many people in many communities getting out there to pick up street litter, but a group of Widcombe residents have gone one better and are turning into amateur landscapers!

Hele Peter writes:

‘Council cuts have meant that the green verge along Widcombe Parade has become very overgrown, with brambles, ivy, elder etc, all taking over.


We are called WAVE’s – “Widcombe Association Verge Enthusiasts” – and we have a fair few volunteers. We have been meeting for a month or so – every Tuesday and Friday from 11-1pm – to weed, cut back and clean up the rubbish, dog poo, needles etc etc

We are almost ready to replant it now, so have got funds from our local councillor Alison Born – who also volunteers -and from the Ram pub.


Bath in Bloom gave us lots of daffodil bulbs and we are working closely with Paul Pearce from Bathnes Parks and Gardens.


Anyway, we will be done soon, and possibly moving to other messy verges or Abbey Churchyard etc.’

Well done to everyone – and what a difference they have made.