Rooftop rendezvous

A sure sign that Christmas hysteria is mounting has to be the fact that Santa has taken up his regular spot on the roof of Mallory Jewellers – on the corner of Bridge Street – to wave to the expected mass of shoppers below.

Meanwhile, work continues on the restoration of the fountain in Laura Place.

Did you know it was originally constructed out of Portland and not Bath stone? This means the new infills are also of that ‘foreign’ material.

Alongside the fountain, workmen are installing a filtration device that will stop the water – next season – from turning green with algae.

Talking of Bath stone, one has to say how gloriously it is set off by an impressive sky. Here’s the Guildhall against the deep grey of a dense cloud covering.

On to Abbey Church Yard where l see a new restaurant is preparing to open in what was – until it closed – the Roman Baths Kitchen Restaurant.

Popped into the Abbey to see the installation of artist Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon.

The inflated structure was in position but not yet lit and Luke doesn’t like pictures published until all work is finished.

So my images will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Saturday is also the first official day to view this amazing sphere which will be suspended in the church through to Christmas Eve.


  1. Would it not be a good idea to construct a pavement around the fountain, both for protection of the public who might want to get close to it, but also for the fountain itself, to fend off errant vehicles.
    It would also have the added benefit of slowing traffic down as they negotiate that roundabout.

  2. Re the fountain repair with Portland stone. I remember when the head office of The Bath and Portland stone company was in Manvers street . The chairman was Sir Kenneth Selby

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