Traffic woes

The wet weather wasn’t helping but l am sure the one-lane opening of the Cleveland Bridge is making things worse with traffic backed up both sides of this river crossing because of the traffic lights controlling the flow.

Bathwick back to noisy, traffic-choked normal.

Yesterday l saw several vehicles ignoring the no-entry signs at the bridge end of St John’s Road and barging through.

Plus observing the number of vans disguising themselves as cars and crossing!!

Ignoring the no-entry signs at the top end of St John’s Road

Trying to find out what is the latest timetable for restoring two-way traffic.

London Road queues

Onto other matters and the poor old fountain in Laura Place languishes behind its circular barrier.

Laura Place

Good way of preventing further damage to the structure but still no sign of stonemasons actually working on its restoration.

Abbey Green

On a brighter note. Lovely to see the Abbey Quarter Market in Abbey Green over the weekend. More please.

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  1. Unfortunately , I think people being ” people” we knew this would happen ! Ignoring sign’s etc .

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