Wall art?

Bath Newseum regular Celia Hutton joined me in decrying the defacement of the Rebecca Fountain – outside the Abbey – but has a suggestion to make.

“I know you abhor graffiti, and I do agree that it should not be used to deface things, especially Rebecca.

  This might seem radical to you, but how about providing a dedicated wall/area/space for graffiti and challenge the perpetrators to do something even slightly artistic?

 I’m not quite sure why people actually do it, and maybe this idea wouldn’t hit the spot, but maybe a psychologist could suggest something better than just punishment? 

Widcombe got it right when they had the under-pass allocated to a dedicated artist and produced a lovely mural.   Perhaps we should round up the graffiti-ists and make them produce a mural?   I’m all for channeling skills rather than killing them.

Keep up the good work and find someone to collect and reproduce your pics-of-the-day.”