Til she’s blue in the face.

Yeh – l know – to some it’s a good example of Victorian sentimental slush – but the marble statue of Rebecca at the Well, on the north side of Bath Abbey, doesn’t deserve to be sprayed with paint.

It’s been vandalized – as has the paving stones that surround it – by someone who thinks it’s funny to impose their sad little idea of having fun by despoiling a tiny corner of the city’s heritage.

Like it or loath it – l am sure a lot of people over the years, have agreed to meet at that former drinking fountain.

Graffiti continues to leave its ugly mark on our city and l see not even the Southgate Shopping Centre – with its ‘army’ of security people and street cleaners is immune to attack.

I hope someone is given time to trawl through the CCTV images and take action that could lead to identifying the culprits.


  1. Nor suitable punishments if, in the unlikely event the culprit(s) are caught, being given out. No wonder the Police can’t be bothered.

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