Have you got the bottle?

Remember the old nursery rhyme about ten green bottles hanging on the wall? 

Well, The Museum of Bath at Work has hundreds of them – and bottles in other colours and made of earthenware as well! 

They all come from the J.B.Bowler mineral water factory – a wonderful Victorian Bath business – which lives on in the museum’s collection.

Now comes your chance in helping to secure the museum’s future by Adopting a Bottle, in return for a donation to the charity Bath Industrial Heritage Trust which runs the much-loved attraction.

Just click on https://www.bath-at-work.org.uk/adopt-a-bottle/ to find out more.

Museum Director Stuart Burroughs says: 

The Museum is home to the J.B. Bowler mineral water factory, a wonderful Victorian Bath business which made fizzy pop in an amazing range of flavours – Orange Champagne, Hot Tom, Dry Ginger Ale and many more. 

 Back then, everyone returned bottles to the shop and they were washed and re-used again and again; the J.B. Bowler factory was a leader in this early type of re-cycling – it’s not just a new thing! – and there’s much we can learn from the past about effective ways to normalise ‘return and re-use’ in this time of climate change.  

We’re inviting people to Adopt a Bottle with a donation, and dedicate it to remember a loved one, or simply to show your support for our very special Museum. 

The Museum is aiming to have at least 100 bottles adopted during the first year of the project, and donors’ names and dedications will be prominently displayed in the Museum.  

Visitors can see the spectacular chandelier display of bottles in the main gallery space.