Share and Repair

My late grandmother often told me how they had to ‘make do and mend’ during the dark days of the Second World War and – l suppose – our current throw-away society is a symptom of our not having to do that anymore – especially when there is always something new or ‘better’ just around the corner.

So how refreshing was it for me to be invited to take a look around Bath’s Share and Repair Shop – a place where you CAN get broken things fixed AND borrow anything from a carpet shampoo kit to a drill.

One satisfied customer! Where but Bath would someone like volunteer ‘fixer’ Kev have the job of successfully repairing an expensive Vivienne Westwood belt! All in a day’s work.

This recently-formed charity ’employs’ skilled volunteers to run repair sessions, it offers courses in how to use things like sewing machines and power tools and runs a library of items you can borrow and return.

Part of the ‘library’ at Share and Repair.

It’s now based in George Street but you can find out more about its facilities via

One item that isn’t out for loan is an old cider press discovered in the shop basement.

It’s destined for the Museum of Bath at Work – if enough people can be mustered to get it up the cellar stairs and transport it up the hill!