Images of our time.

Just over a year ago, the then Mayor of Bath (Councillor Manda Rigby) held a photographic competition entitled ‘Memories of Bath, Lonely in Lockdown’. 

Such was its success – with over 100 entries being received – it was decided to publish the photographs in a small booklet.

All the photos are lodged with the Bath Record Office as a permanent reminder of Bath in 2020, and last week a copy of the booklet was presented to Richard Meunier, Record Office Manager, Archives & Local Studies, Bath & North East Somerset Council, to add to the collection.

 L-R The Mayor, Councillor June Player, Richard Meunier, Record Office Manager; and the Immediate Past Mayor, Councillor Manda Rigby.  


Richard commented “Bath Record Office is delighted to receive a copy of the Photobook which will be a highlight of our wider Corona Captured project which asked people who live, work or study in Bath & North East Somerset to record their lives during the pandemic. We will ensure this important record is accessible to all, in perpetuity, so that later generations can learn about this remarkable and perhaps unique period in history.”

The Immediate Past Mayor (Councillor Manda Rigby) presented the booklet and said “Bath Record Office is the repository for the archives and history of Bath.  I can think of nowhere better to place a photographic account of what Bath was like during the 2019 Covid outbreak, to add to the written testimonies.  In years to come, people will see Bath both people and traffic free, with communities coming together, and loneliness combatted, in a series of photographs ranging from the deeply personal, to the environment of Bath, stirring many emotions.  Thanks again to all who took part, this book is now added to Bath’s rich history.”

The current Mayor (Councillor June Player) hosted the presentation in the Mayor’s Parlour.  She said “Unfortunately, due to the lockdown restrictions, a Civic Reception for the winners of the competition has not yet taken place, but I very much hope that day will come soon, so that I can welcome them to the Parlour, along with Councillor Rigby, when they will receive their certificates and copies of the new booklet.”

If you would like a copy of the booklet, a donation to the Mayor of Bath’s Relief Fund is requested please.  Please make enquiries by email, or telephone 01225 477411.

The winning photographs can be viewed at   All photographs can be viewed on YouTube