Taking tea in Twerton

It’s not every day you get a personal invitation from the High Sheriff of Somerset to join him at his September ‘Garden Party’ – especially when Mr Thomas Sheppard has decided to hold it amongst the hillside acres that make up Bath City Farm.

On a sunny, blue-sky day its one of the best views of the city but with the early Tuesday rain having cleared that did not detract from the illustrious gathering of ‘mayors’ and ‘chairs’ from across Somerset – plus a range of other distinguished guests.

They were there to witness a successful endeavour to save land for the community and see how well the Bath City Farm was cooperating with other organisations and interests in the area.

I got so excited about the whole event it was only when l got back to look at the material that l realised l had not taken an official picture of the High Sheriff. What is here is a candid shot and l must apologise for that.

A candid shot of the High Sheriff of Somerset, Mr Thomas Sheppard.

I was one of the very few to turn up on a bike and l must say that was an adventure crossing town! I have to thank the Almighty for my electrically-assisted bike being able to provide the extra power to get me up the hill to Kelston View.

Chair, Jo Southwell lending a hand with apple peeling for the freshly squeezed juice.

More apologies to you the viewers, and to Jo Southwell – the chair of the Bath City Farm.

I am still getting used to my assorted smartphone plugin-mikes. When you have two people together the mike should be be moved between them. This will explain why Jo does not sound as loud as she should.

I will know for next time!

The new Director, Brendan Wistreich, on his first day in the job!

It’s good to know that next week they will break ground on a new purpose-built cafe on the site and today they were also welcoming their new Bath City Farm Director Brendan Wistreich – that’s him on the apple press.

What a continuing adventure lies ahead. If you haven’t visited yet – you should do!