Name the glass cafe

The last eighteen months have been a struggle for all local businesses which rely heavily on retail and tourism.

But, when government grants became available for businesses seeking to diversify, the owners of Bath Aqua Glass in Walcot Street decided to try something new.

Adrian Dolan, Annette Dolan and Themis Mikellides say they realised the potential to bring one of Annette’s ideas to life.

She said: “Its been a dream of mine of mine for years to serve wine in our own hand blown wine glasses and it’s fascinating to watch our glass blowers at work. I thought – why not combine the two?!”.

The three owners, often referred to as the ‘three musketeers’, have been working together for over 25 years, bringing together art, craftsmanship and entrepreneurialism.

Now they are asking their customers to help them come up with a name for the new artisan cafe they hope to open by the end of October.

To enter:

Head to our Bath Aqua Glass Facebook page and find the pinned post at the top. All you need to do to enter is leave your suggested café name as a comment. Feel free to tag your friends if you think they may have great ideas too.

The prize:

The best idea may become the name we go on to use and the winner will receive a premium bottle of wine from our supplier Chilled and Tannin as well as two of our hand blown wine glasses – a prize worth over £150!

Competition closing date: midnight on Sunday 26th September

Winner announced: live on Facebook from the cafe at 4pm on Friday 1st October

The café will be open by the end of October stocked with coffee and cakes from a range of local businesses, as well as wines from sustainable merchants Chilled & Tannin. Visitors will be able to experience the magic of glass blowing, shop for one-off pieces and book to put their own breath in a bauble.

With the café open, says Annette, the Bath Aqua Glass Studio in Walcot Street, with its glass blowing furnaces, will quite literally be the perfect place to warm up with friends and family this winter.

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  1. Don’t do ‘Facebook’ but how about ‘In Vino Aquaglass’? Lovely glass; lovely people, who deserve to succeed. More power to their elbows (and those of the drinkers!).

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