What’s the buzz – word.

I’ll admit Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution is a bit of a mouthful to give this amazing local body its full title. Since 1824 its hosted almost nightly lectures and created wonderful exhibitions and cultural events for the people of Bath – and beyond.

I want to mention an upcoming on-line lecture one that may be of interest but first wanted to comment on the efforts to give ‘the BRLSI’ a more trendy nick-name. The powers that be have gone for the ‘Bath Royal’ – though to me it does sound a bit like a hospital.

While ‘Brill Z’ amuses – in a play with phonetics – l am glad l don’t have the job of choosing a better way of updating things. Any other suggestions out there?

But back to business. The virtual event l wanted to draw your attention to features Professor Bruce Hood – from Bristol University –  on Tuesday 7 September at 7.30pm.

Professor Bruce Hood.

Professor Hood will explore the themes raised in his latest book “Possessed: Why We Want More Than We Need”. The talk will cover man’s need to own possessions, the background to those needs and in view of the current climate emergency, what should we be doing? 

Bruce Hood has been the Professor of Developmental Psychology at Bristol University since 2000. He undertook his Ph.D. at Cambridge followed by appointments at University College London, MIT and was a faculty professor at Harvard. He researches child development, origins of superstition, self-identity and happiness. 

He has written four popular science books – SuperSense (2009), The Self Illusion (2012), The Domesticated Brain (2014) and Possessed (2019). He has appeared on various radio and TV shows and stars in the eco-documentary film, Living in the Future’s Past (2018) presented by academy award-winner Jeff Bridges. Bruce currently co-hosts the BBC podcast The Happiness Half Hour.

This will be an online presentation followed by a Q&A discussion.

When: Tuesday 7 September from 7:30 – 9pm 

Where: Virtual Event – Online Only

Tickets: Members £2 / non-members £5 LINK TO BUY TICKETS