New development regarding Approach Golf Course

Campaigner Ben Reed tells me there’s some news to announce which could affect the future of the city’s Approach Golf Course.

In an email he says: “A local sports charity has put forward a proposal to restore and maintain the greens on the 18 hole course which, combined with the Council’s continued fairway cutting, would allow the course to reopen.

There are some up front costs, so I’ve set up a gofundme page to hopefully meet these and pay for an initial few months of maintenance, by which time I hope club hire – and donations from players – could make the course self-funding again.”

Ben set up the page 17 hours ago and has so far raised £274 of his hoped for £15,000 goal.

The current position regarding this area of the High Common is that B&NES decided against accepting the one bid by an operator offering ‘golf derived activity’ (Frisbee Golf) and that it be retained as a public open space – following a huge number of people opposing the commercialisation of the land.

They’ve declared a period of ‘pause and rest’ for a couple of years before reviewing the situation.

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