Follow the rules

With the number of Covid 19 cases continuing to rise across the country, Bath & North East Somerset Council has written to hospitality venues across the district to offer support – and to remind them of the current guidance in relation to coronavirus.

Becky Reynolds, Director of Public Health at Bath & North East Somerset Council, said:

“It’s really important right now that we all remain vigilant, keep testing and get vaccinated. We know that infection rates among young people are a particular concern – and that hospitality venues are vulnerable. So, we are reminding everyone that works within the hospitality sector in Bath and North East Somerset to please follow the guidance and to continue to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.”

The main points of the current guidance are:

  • Every member of a group over the age of 16 must sign in.
  • The maximum size for indoor gatherings is 6 people, or 2 households.
  • The maximum size for outdoor gatherings is 30.
  • Hand sanitiser should be provided for customers to use.
  • Tables/groups should be 2 metres apart – or use screens between tables/groups.
  • All customers must wear a face covering (unless exempt) when not in their seats.
  • Where alcohol is served, table service is mandatory.
  • Windows and doors should be open where possible to ensure adequate ventilation.

The council’s Public Protection Team says most businesses and traders are working hard to implement the rules but is reminding anyone about the legal sanctions they could face if they fail to comply.

Councillor Dine Romero, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, Communities and Culture, said: “Businesses must remain vigilant right now and ensure good work practices to avoid spreading the virus. Many of the cases we are seeing right now are asymptomatic cases – around 1 in 3 cases of Covid-19 are asymptomatic. So, it’s really important that staff continue to take rapid lateral flow tests twice a week and self-isolate if they test positive. They must then take a PCR test and continue to self-isolate for 10 days. If you run or manage a hospitality business, please ensure your staff follow guidance – get tested, social distance and get vaccinated.”

More detailed guidance can be found here:

If businesses have any questions regarding Covid-19 regulatory compliance, they should e-mail for further assistance.

Test and Trace Support payments are available for people on low incomes who are forced to self-isolate. Bath and North East Somerset Council is also providing support to people required to self-isolate. To find out whether you qualify for either of these payments, visit:

The Community Wellbeing Hub is also offering support for individuals across Bath and North East Somerset, including those who are forced to self-isolate. The Hub offers a range of services for residents to support people that need help with employment, housing and income. You can find out more at: