Keeping Bridgerton under wraps.

The fact two of the giant film equipment lorries – parked alongside Bath’s Holburne Museum – bear the label ‘Waterloo’ isn’t fooling me.

That giant rig and associated road closures can only mean Netflix’s mega hit Bridgerton is back in town filming scenes for its second season. Are they seriously making a re-make of a 1970 movie where – historically – we already know who won?

The front of the museum is hidden from view behind cranes holding a giant green chromakey screen aloft. It’s a digital technique by which a block of a particular colour in a film or video image can be replaced by another image. It’s how a weather forecaster appears against a background of a computer-generated map.

My informer – and no it wasn’t Lady Whistledown – told me the floral set dressing in front of the Holburne matches that seen outside Lady Danbury’s smart society home in Season 1.

Security is rock solid around the building and with the chromakey screens in place – there’s not much to see.

Netflix have confirmed a second season and filming is believed to have started in April. There’s news of a season 3 and four too.

However, don’t expect to start enjoying the next colourful drama from Julia Quinn’s series of romance novels until the autumn of next year at least.

Rene Jean Page won’t be back as the Duke of Hastings and this time around a second season takes its inspiration from the second book The Viscount Who Loved Me. The story will follow the eldest Bridgerton , Anthony – played by Jonathan Bailey – on his quest for love AND feature a brand new heroine.

Series one chalked up 82 million viewers worldwide – making it the most watched Netflix series in 76 countries around the globe.

Who can blame them for keeping everything under wraps and keeping Bridgerton fans hungry for more.

In the meantime let’s hope Bath’s connections with this hit series will bring it’s fans into our World Heritage city from around the world!

PS. The Holburne opens to its booking public next week too! Let’s hope those film boys and girls clear up nicely after themselves.

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  1. When they were filming for season one I walked through the set on Abbey Green. Hardly any security at the time!

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