Never fear

Always a surprise in store when regular Terry Basson makes contact. His subject this time concerns getting back to something akin to normality via a game of boules!

“Interesting thoughts after a chat with a member of our Bath club yesterday.  

Getting back to normality, inch by inch,  to the game of Boules.

I asked Clive B yesterday on the Piste, “How was he”?  He reversed the question back to me in a single breath 

We both concluded that a whole year of living in a world most unfamiliar to people, was more difficult that one could ever imagine .

I don’t seem to  have the energy back Clive, l said, or perhaps the enthusiasm I used to have for what I once felt so important  .

Yet, if I attempt to engage fully, I walk away refreshed and more positive than I thought possible!

We summed up, that living the past year almost housebound, had developed a strange sort of lazy feeling – though even that description needs more thought .

However, coming back to play Petanque requires more effort than we ever thought we needed. 

The cure-all is lifting your body beyond the fear of what we have been avoiding for a year – and it is so damn  rewarding!”