Who is going to be Bath’s next mayor?

This bright and breezy Monday morning finds me back at St Mary’s Church in Upper Swainswick.

Join me to find out who is going to be Bath’s 794th Mayor, hear about what’s likely to be a lively outing for local politics and where do you think people should dispose of those all-to-familiar doggy bags?

That annual meeting of B&NES will also be electing a new Council Chair.

Cllr Lisa O’Brien – currently Vice-Chair – from Keynsham South Ward is to be elected as Chairman and Cllr Shaun Stephenson- McGall – from Oldfield Park Ward – Vice Chair.

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  1. I have been in touch with the council earlier today sending them a photo like yours of the bin! This is the second weekend running the council haven’t emptied the bin. They used to empty it over the weekend this is why it is so full. Hopefully I will get a reply soon and they will remidy the situation. The reason dog owners don’t take the poo home is because it ruins there walk carrying a poo bag for miles – say no more. Thank you for drawing attention to this problem.
    Warmest wishes

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