A blast for the past

Plenty of activity in Sydney Gardens where IronArt of Larkhall have erected a tent around the old Edwardian Gent’s ornate metal toilet to sand blast it ‘in situ’.

The Ladies equivalent was taken away in pieces for restoration and will be back for assembly later next month.

All part of the on-going, multi-million pound restoration and make-over for this former Georgian pleasure ground.

Also lovely to see so many volunteers busy on the flower bed and – a little delight for me – they have finally filled in that annoying hole in a drystone wall near the side entrance.

Now you see it?
Now you don’t!

Elsewhere, l noticed one trader providing blankets for customers taking their drinks and meals outside in today’s variable sunshine.

It’s certainly still a chill wind, but l am not too sure l would want to wrap myself in what l presume are multiple-use blankets – in today’s Covid 19 culture – just in case.

Meanwhile, even an ugly wheelie bin can serve a higher purpose! Support your High Street!