We’re working on it says Sainsburys

Sainsbury’s say they are doing everything they can to help find an alternate site for the regular Farmers Market following the problems at Green Park.

The market had to be cancelled because of problems in the former rail station’s glass roof.

A spokesperson for the supermarket told Bath Newseum: “Safety is our highest priority and we have arranged urgent maintenance works for the site.

We’re also in contact with the Farmers Market and we’re supporting the Ethical Property Company to do everything possible to find a temporary, alternative site they can operate from.”  

The statement follows an intervention by Bath’s MP, Wera Hobhouse.

She has written to Sainsbury’s local management and head office asking them to show goodwill to Bath Farmers’ Market by offering the Homebase car park as a temporary location while Green Park Station roof undergoes repairs. Sainsbury’s spokesperson said they are in touch with her too.

Meanwhile, the Acting Leader of BANES Council Cllr Richard Samuel says he is also working hard to find an alternative space for the traders until Green Park Station is made safe.

Bath MP, Wera Hobhouse

Wera Hobhouse said:

“Representatives of the Bath Farmers’ Market, the oldest modern farmer’s market in the country which has been trading for 23 years, and the permanent traders in Green Park Station contacted my office in connection with the closure of the station due to safety issues with the roof.”

“Richard Samuel is keeping me updated on the situation. While the Council owns Green Park Station, Sainsbury’s holds a long lease and is responsible for its maintenance and repair. Results of a survey to assess the damage, and an indication of how long it will take to repair it, are expected soon. Richard Samuel is working hard to find a solution for our traders, many of whom have suffered severe financial hardship due to the pandemic.

“Sainsbury’s made the former Homebase parking lot available to the Bath Farmers’ Market as a one-off location after the damage was discovered which was an excellent interim solution. I have asked Sainsbury’s to continue to make the parking lot available as a temporary site for the Farmers’ Market. Sainsbury’s is a vital element of our community and this would be a hugely welcome gesture of goodwill to our traders and their customers.”

Cllr Richard Samuel said:

“Green Park Station, its permanent traders and the weekly Bath Farmers’ Market are important fixtures of our local economy and add so much to our community spirit. We don’t yet know the full extent of the damage to the glass roof of Green Park Station or how long it will take to repair it. We are looking at a variety of easily accessible alternative locations for our traders to ensure they can continue to serve their long-standing customers.”