Let them cycle in safety.

According to a recent story – that certainly got a big response from followers of Bath Newseum – the pandemic has highlighted cycling as a solution – not only to transport issues but as a route to better health, mental wellbeing and as a response to the climate emergency.

That was according to Wendy Zakiewiz who made contact to express her sadness at roads returning to a new normal ‘with emptier cars, emptier buses and still so few cyclists.’

The issue struck a chord with Liz Matthews who has her own cycle training company and teaches learning to ride in primary and secondary schools in Bath, Bristol and elsewhere.

She told me she knew of many examples where kids who wanted to ride to school in Bath simply can’t due to the lack of safe routes and infrastructure.

‘We so need those safe routes to give our kids independence and our city a chance,’ she said. ‘Think of all the cars that would be taken off the roads for the school run if it were possible.’

I met Liz to find out more from someone who certainly can claim to know what she is talking about…….


  1. Reducing the speed limit to 20 mph in the city would help, but would need strict camera enforcement, otherwise useless.

  2. Having rediscovered (at 65) the joy of bicycling, I’m lucky enough to be able to use the towpath to reach the city centre, Farmers’ Market, etc. from Newbridge. As a car driver, I would welcome reduced speed limits in town to enhance the safety and confidence of (particularly) younger cyclists, and where feasible dedicated bicycle lanes. As my driving skills inform my bicycling skills, I hope that the young are able and encouraged to access whatever has replaced the Cycling Proficiency Test that I took many moons’ ago.

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