Mystery statue

Nita Green wants our help in solving a mystery.

She writes:

‘Having a trip out to Alexandra Park and taking rather a lot of photos as usual!

The view from Alexandra Park.

On getting home to view them I spotted a statue and wondered who it was of, no one seems to know, so I hand it over to you.

I just hope it’s not just a feature in someone’s rather large garden space!😂I believe it was looking over towards Widcombe Hill way.

Many thanks 🙂Keep well.’

Thanks for your good wishes Nita.

Now quick off the mark in response to your question is the former Artistic Director of Bath’s Natural Theatre Company – Ralph Oswick.

He writes: ‘That field is the ‘park’ attached to Crowe Hall, Widcombe Hill.

Their garden is listed, which is quite unusual. I think the owners have been restoring the house and environs for the last few years so maybe they installed the statue as a focal point. One often sees deer wandering through.

The house and grounds were used as the main location for the first episode of Macdonald and Dodds. They also kindly lent us their magnificent portico as a venue for one of the stops on the Wine Arts Trail  (Bath Comedy Festival)”

We’re getting there!