Who knows?

‘Spotted on a walk at Midford yesterday’ – says Marion McNeir – ‘4 adult toads carrying young ones on their back across the old railway track and desperately trying to squeeze – with babies – through this wire fence. One even had two babies on its back!

Where they had come from looked exactly the same sort of damp, leafy place as where they were heading. Why were they so desperate to get there? There was no sign of water – just this impossible wire mesh fence.

They couldn’t possibly squeeze through. What would they do – abandon their babies or return to the other side of the track ?

I’ve never seen this before and wondered if you might have toad specialists among your readers who could enlighten me?’

Forgive me Marion – and l am certainly not an expert – but l wonder if this isn’t the male toad paying the lady toad a visit? I think this is the time of year for such calls.

Perhaps someone can help us both with an explanation.