Jumping Jack Flash

Just recently l mentioned the fact that l write a monthly column for The Bath Magazine and – in the current March edition – mentioned the Rolling Stones playing the Odeon Cinema at Weston-super-Mare.

Interviewed by ‘Uncle’ Bruce Hocking – who called Mick, Mike – Mr Jagger was quick to correct him. It was early days for that soon to be super group, but l came across the Stones in Sussex a few years later when l worked for BBC Radio Brighton.

Mentioning drugs didn’t go down well with our Mr J either who – as l said – did a Jumping Jack Flash exit from my interview.

With him in mind, I have to thank Bath-based Michael Noakes for a photograph featuring Mick Jagger at an age when he was jumping for a different reason – being a member of the basketball team at Dartford Grammar School back in 1960-61. He’s on the extreme right in the back row.

Michael went to the same school a few years later. He told me:  ‘He was just a few years ahead of me at Dartford Grammar School and I never knew him but library tickets with his signature disappeared very quickly when he became famous!’