Approach – and listen on.

Twice yesterday l managed to persuade Cllr Paul Crossley – B&NES Cabinet member responsible for Community Services – to join me for a Zoom interview about two of Bath’s most talked about golf courses.

One session would have sufficed – but l had technical problems which forced a re-match later in the day.

I had many questions about the Cabinet’s decision not to go ahead and accept a single tender for taking on the Approach Course – and wanted to know more about the mysterious Tender E being accepted to determine the commercial future of Entry Hill.

Here we go…….


  1. I am just disappointed that the young people of Bath have had no voice here. The frisbee golf would have been a fun activity. Now we have a large space for a few dog walkers and joggers next to an existing space for those activities. Lost opportunities here for something new.

  2. I think a major part of the concern was that the proposal was being rushed through without alternatives being considered. Those alternatives, to be discussed in future, might include disc golf on part of the current course – it’s in two parts. There are also other possible locations for disc golf in Bath – the under-used Sulis Club strikes me as one possibility.

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