A walk on the wild side.

My daily lockdown exercise involves walking for an hour or so and – l must say – l am lucky to live on the city edge with open countryside on my doorstep.

Just for a change yesterday – and because my partner wanted to get some Waitrose-own-brand coffee – we walked into town. Most of the time masked too.

I even took off my glasses for the journey in which stopped my moans about my lenses misting up.

Surely someone saw this one being sprayed?

I like to think l am aware of what is happening around me and it is obvious to me that – on one side of the London Road – some less-than-talented graffiti vandals have been ‘marking’ their passage along the route.

Right beside the garage!

It’s a busy road – both for traffic and footfall – but why is it no one ever sees what these illiterates are up to.

One of the most obvious examples of vandalism is in full view of a 24 hour garage?!

On my own this morning – the first of a new and shorter month – and back out into the countryside.

I leave you with the sort of images Nature paints!

I know which ones l prefer!