A walk on the wild side.

My daily lockdown exercise involves walking for an hour or so and – l must say – l am lucky to live on the city edge with open countryside on my doorstep.

Just for a change yesterday – and because my partner wanted to get some Waitrose-own-brand coffee – we walked into town. Most of the time masked too.

I even took off my glasses for the journey in which stopped my moans about my lenses misting up.

Surely someone saw this one being sprayed?

I like to think l am aware of what is happening around me and it is obvious to me that – on one side of the London Road – some less-than-talented graffiti vandals have been ‘marking’ their passage along the route.

Right beside the garage!

It’s a busy road – both for traffic and footfall – but why is it no one ever sees what these illiterates are up to.

One of the most obvious examples of vandalism is in full view of a 24 hour garage?!

On my own this morning – the first of a new and shorter month – and back out into the countryside.

I leave you with the sort of images Nature paints!

I know which ones l prefer!


  1. I’m not sure that the authoriies even see it as a ‘crime’ any more and the criminal justice system has allowed this ‘creep’ over decades.
    The trouble is that Britain is now getting a reputation abroad as being a ‘dirty’ country, putting off tourists coming here, and thereby impoverishing the sort of ignorant people who do this even further.

  2. Richard

    Two tips I have been given to stop glasses steaming up are: 1) try taping the top of the mask to the face to stop air escaping that way or 2) try rubbing washing up liquid on the lenses just before you leave your house.

    My own solution is to wear my contact lenses instead.



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