Ducks on ice

Just when l thought there was no other way of adorning the fountain in Laura Place – Andrew James has sent me this picture showing what he calls a creative ‘Bath Banksy’ at work.

Photo: Andrew James

Thanks. I love it! And thank you Anne Love for showing us that the ice duck maker has been busy on the lawn in front of the Royal Crescent too!

Photo taken by Anne Love.

Looking on line it seems the idea of making ducks out of snow is a big hit on social media this month. Here’s -namgoong’s image from his South Korean instagram account.

© -namgoong

Meanwhile, over in my neck of the woods – after frost pictures set to music – her comes snowy ones.

Best l can do this morning, as the overnight fall is thawing quickly.

Be careful on the roads if it freezes on top of this!

Please – if you care to watch this – enjoy!