Time to say thanks

Gradually, more and more people are being called into a GP surgery or to Bath Pavilion for a Covid 19 vaccination – and included in their number has been Bath Newseum regular Terry Basson.

He writes:

“My kind of town , Bath is and my kind of people, too.

Well, today I received my vaccine injection at The Pavilion Bath – passing check points at the front door – inner door and the final check outside cubical number 1.

 A delightful nurse called me inside, she normally worked at her day job as a paramedic nurse.

Hello Sir , I need to ask you several more questions?

Now roll up your sleeve – in went the lifesaving juice from Pfiza, smooth without feeling even a pinprick !

 Leaving the cubical walking over to the clock to wait 15 minutes then off home.

I feel I must say, I am more than grateful for The professional – efficient – service our Bath NHS provided – where do they get staff with such wonderful smiles a yard wide.”

Terry wrote to thank NHS England for their service and got the following reply.

“Thank you very much for the complimentary feedback that you have provided. All feedback within the NHS is appreciated and we are grateful for the time you have taken to provide this.”